A NEW PROCESS:  Spring usually means soccer tryouts.  At Eagleclaw, our tryouts are always special as coaches from Valencia CF travel from Spain to Seattle to assist Eagleclaw coaches with tryouts and select our Valencia Discovery Program (VDP) teams.  Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 crisis we cannot hold our usual tryout process. 

There are many ambitious players who admire Eagleclaw's playing style, training environment and development opportunities and who were looking forward to showing us their smarts and skills at tryouts. Social distancing requirements make that impossible now.  We know this is a stressful time, so we have decided to help players and their families by eliminating the pressure of tryouts and "making the team" and instead making it as easy as possible for players like you to join Eagleclaw and play soccer this coming season.


For that reason, we have instituted a 3-Step Player Placement process allowing players to join our club now, safely and without the need for physically gathering players and coaches for a tryout.  Through this process we will welcome players onto Eagleclaw teams for the upcoming 2020/21 Season.  



NEW PLAYERS:  We want to hear from you now!  After reviewing our website and talking to other Eagleclaw players and parents, the next step is for you to hear from us directly.  That way you can ask any questions you may have and learn more about us and our unique method of player development.  You can schedule a telephone or video conference with our Coaching Staff by clicking here. This way, you can get to know us and we can get to know you!





You can register for the 2020/21 Season right now and we will place you on an Eagleclaw team.  Click Here to register.


  • Players born 2013-07 register for the 2020/21 Primary Academy

  • Players born 2006-03 register for the 2020/21 Valencia Discovery Program/Advanced Academy


  • After registering, we will roster your player to a team based on all the information we have available about them.  If we have not previously had a chance to observe your player, we will roster them to the team we think will best match up with their age and experience.

  • When we resume training, we may make change your player's team placement to ensure we have them in the best possible environment for learning, challenge and competition.

FEE ARRANGEMENTS: Eagleclaw is offering two basic payment arrangements for the 2020/21 Season. 

  • Extended Payment Plan (EPP):  This is a zero-interest plan.  Players will make an initial down payment of $500 (reduced from $600) and the balance will be in installment payments that will not begin until August 1, 2020.   We encourage families to take advantage of the EPP if it will help during this difficult time. Click here for a short video on how to choose the EPP option when registering. If your family needs the start of installment payments to be delayed beyond August 1, 2020, please email us confidentially at info@eagleclawfc.com and we will be happy to do whatever we can do to help you in these difficult times.  Our highest priority is making it easy for your child to train and play with Eagleclaw.

  • Full Payment:  Players may elect to pay the full amount for the season.  Full payment provides Eagleclaw much needed flexibility with its operating budget and resources during this difficult time.



At this time, Eagleclaw is not actively training as teams on the field.  Of course, this is because of the current restrictions regarding COVID-19.  However, our teams, players and coaches are extremely active doing remote physical fitness workouts, technical training workouts and tactical study sessions.  We have also arranged exciting and informative video conferences with academy and professional players from Valencia CF as well as professional MLS players.  These opportunities help our players stay connected to our partner club in Spain as well as to the world of soccer generally.  Your player will want to get involved right away! 


CAN I REQUEST PLACEMENT ON A SPECIFIC TEAM?:  Yes, we will consider all requests to be placed on a specific team, but placement decisions will ultimately be made by the Eagleclaw coaching staff.  Please remember, however, that placement on Valencia Discovery Program (VDP) teams involves a more stringent process as those teams train in stricter, high performance environments.

WILL TEAMS BE STRICTLY BY BIRTH YEAR?:  Not necessarily.  In some cases, an entire roster will be players born in the same year.  However, we prefer "hybrid" teams with players born in two year brackets (e.g. 04/05, 06/07).  In forming teams, we may assign players to a hybrid team.

WILL VALENCIA COACHES BE SELECTING VDP PLAYERS?:  In normal times, coaches from Valencia CF travel to Seattle to conduct tryouts and select players for VDP teams.  Since travel at this time is impossible, selections to VDP teams will be made by Eagleclaw's VDP coaches in consultation with the VDP Technical Manager, Toni Navarro.  These consultations will involve video conferences and sharing evaluation information such as player biographies, personal statements and video.


CAN I BE CONSIDERED FOR A VALENCIA DISCOVERY PROGRAM TEAM?  Yes!  At the moment,  VDP teams are only for the following age groups:

  • Girls 03/4

  • Boys 03

  • Boys 04/5

  • Boys 06

  • Boys 07

We may be forming additional VDP teams through our Player Placement process and if so we will announce them.  If you are interested in any of our current VDP teams, please email us at info@EagleclawFC.com with the subject line "VDP Team Inquiry".  A member of our coaching staff will contact you to begin an interview process.

I AM WITH AN RCL CLUB.  CAN I JOIN EAGLECLAW NOW?:  Absolutely!  You can register with Eagleclaw right now!

I AM WITH A PSPL CLUB.  CAN I JOIN EAGLECLAW NOW?:  Yes!  You can register with Eagleclaw right now!

WHEN WILL THE CLUB RESUME FULL TRAINING OUTDOORS?:  Not yet.  Eagleclaw's top priority is the safety of our players and staff.  For that reason, we have developed a Return To Play Action Plan to guide the club and inform our players and their families.  We are continually monitoring the latest new for our state and county public health officials for guidance.  In the meantime, Eagleclaw has purchased all the necessary safety equipment necessary to comply with rules and best practices when we return to the training pitch as teams.



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