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Financial Assistance Program

Eagleclaw Football Club is committed to helping economically challenged players join our Club.  We believe financial hardship should not be a barrier to receiving a high quality soccer education.  For that reason, Eagleclaw FC and the Eagleclaw Foundation have established the Financial Assistance Program (FAP).   Our policy is that no player who is otherwise eligible to join our Club and who truly and demonstrably has financial need will be refused financial assistance.   


The FAP is a needs-based program funded by the Eagleclaw Foundation's Scholarship Fund.  The financial assistance we provide is limited to helping players afford Eagleclaw’s annual player fees for the Primary Academy, Advanced Academy and Valencia Discovery Program and is provided in the form of a full or partial award.  A separate and limited Puma Uniform Scholarship (see below) may also be awarded by Eagleclaw, subject to availability.

The FAP is a limited program because Eagleclaw’s financial resources are limited.  We want to help economically challenged players and families, but we do not have the economic ability ourselves to help each and every deserving player.  Although Eagleclaw cannot fund every request for financial assistance, we will make every effort to help those families with legitimate needs to the extent funds and other resources are available.

Players wishing to be considered for the FAP must submit an application.  Please contact us before submitting an application to be sure your player is eligible to join the Club. 


For the Primary Academy, eligibility is primarily based on the player's age and whether there is room in the program.  The Primary Academy is limited to 150 players each year.


For our Advanced Academy and the Valencia Discovery Program, players must tryout and be selected to join the Club.  Tryouts are usually held in April and May of each year, but for players wishing to join during the season we will schedule personal assessments during our regular training sessions.   


When reviewing FAP applications, we will consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to family income, family circumstances, the number of family members, potential number of players requesting financial assistance and available funds and the needs of the Club.

CAN YOU HELP?:  Our ability to provide financial assistance depends directly on our Scholarship Fund.  If you would like to support Eagleclaw's mission of revolutionizing youth player development and supporting our effort to make high-quality soccer education available to youth players regardless of economic status, please consider making a fully tax-deductible charitable contribution to the Eagleclaw Foundation's Scholarship Fund.  The Eagleclaw Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Please contact us at to make a contribution.  



Puma Uniform Scholarships

Puma Red.png

Each season, Puma graciously provides scholarship assistance in the form of credits toward the purchase of Eagleclaw uniforms via  Puma Uniform Scholarships are extremely limited and are allocated by Eagleclaw to deserving players receiving assistance under Eagleclaw's FAP.   When a player is awarded financial assistance under FAP, the award letter will also describe the amount of the Puma Uniform Scholarship, if any.  

Click below to download FAP Application
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