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Eagleclaw Futsal


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Eagleclaw Futsal fields competitive teams in the ALL-NEW Pacific Futsal League.  The league season typically begins in November and continues into February.  The season length is typically 8-12 games with all games played on Saturdays and Sundays at the Hidden Valley Fieldhouse in Bellevue.  No travel outside of the Greater Seattle area is required for league play.

2020/21 FUTSAL DRAFT - BOYS & GIRLS BORN 2013 - 2003

Teams are formed through a draft.  Players register for the draft and are placed in a player pool.  Teams are formed by Eagleclaw's staff based on the following criteria, in no particular order or priority:

  • age/birth year

  • futsal experience and ability, as observed by Eagleclaw coaches

  • gender

We will form boys teams and girls teams in the following age divisions:


  • 2012/13

  • 2010/11

  • 2008/9

  • 2006/7

  • 2004/5

  • 2002/3


Team rosters will be limited to 8-10 players in order to maximize playing time. 

All games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays.


NOTE:  Registration for the draft covers only weekend games.  There are no team training sessions.  Futsal training is available separately through Eagleclaw Futsal's year-round training program.  Click here for details.  

PLAYER FEE: $195 (does not include uniforms)

NOTE:  Players will also be required to register with the Bellevue Boys & Girls Club and purchase an annual membership.  The membership fee is $27 and includes supplemental medical insurance.  If a player is already registered with Eagleclaw Futsal with a current annual Boys & Girls Club membership, there is no additional fee when registering with Bellevue Boys & Girls Club. 



Eagleclaw Futsal teams wear a Blue kit made by Puma and distributed through


If you are part of Eagleclaw Futsal's Friday night training program, you already have the Blue jersey and only need to buy the shorts and socks.  All other players will need to purchase the complete kit. 

Futsal shoes and shin guards are required for all players.  Eagleclaw recommends Puma futsal shoes.

Players will order uniforms through  Click here.

  • Puma Cup Training Jersey - Blue

  • Puma Cup Training Shorts - Blue

  • Puma Liga Socks - Blue

Players may add numbers to their jerseys, but they are not required by Pacific Futsal League for the 2020/21 season.  All other futsal related apparel on the site is optional.


  • TBD - Registration for draft opens

  • TBD - Registration for draft closes

  • TBD - Team rosters announced

  • TBD - League season begins

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