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Joe Campos Advises Majority Owner of Sounders FC

Not many people know that Eagleclaw FC's Executive Director, Joe Campos, in addition to all of his responsibilities with our club, is also a practicing corporate/securities lawyer and represents the majority owner of Seattle Sounders FC. Today, Sounders FC announced the completion of a restructuring of its ownership group, bringing in new owners including Russell Wilson, his wife Ciara, Macklemore and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The deal also means the departure of Joe Roth as an owner of Sounders FC. The transaction is of massive importance not only to Sounders FC, but to the entire city of Seattle.

Joe Campos and his team of lawyers at Ashbaugh Beal worked tirelessly on this project for over 10 months, finally bringing the deal to a close on July 31, 2019. For those of you who were with us in Valencia last April, you will remember Joe staying up late into the evening working on "something big", even after a full day of Eagleclaw training and coaching Eagleclaw teams in tournament play. Well, now you know what he was working on!

During the course of the project, Joe worked extremely closely with Sounders FC's Governor, Adrian Hanauer as well as Jac Sperling, former CEO and co-General Partner of Minnesota Sports and Entertainment (NHL’s Wild), Founder of Grit Rock Ventures, and former NBA Governor of the New Orleans Pelicans.

As member of Eagleclaw Football Club, you are part of a club that is dedicated to working on many levels to improve youth soccer in the Pacific Northwest. You already know about our incredibly important and groundbreaking partnership with Valencia CF. And now, Eagleclaw is indirectly associated with the important work of strengthening the ties between Sounders FC, the Greater Puget Sound area and the entire state of Washington. Eagleclaw is extremely proud of the work our Executive Director does outside the club to elevate the sport of soccer and strengthen its role in our community. You should be as well!


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