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Eagleclaw Teams

Eagleclaw Football Club generally fields two teams per birth year group.  Within each birth year group, there is fluidity between teams.  Ideally, each age group will feature a Valencia Discovery Program (VDP) team and a second Development Team.  VDP teams will be created only if, in the judgment of Valencia CF coaches and scouts, there is a sufficiently high level of ability among the players on a team to merit the VDP designation.  For that reason, it is possible that in any given season there will not be a VDP team for a particular birth year.  In such cases, there may be two Developmental Teams designated "A" and "B".  


Players on a second team or"B" team who demonstrate progression in skill development, game intelligence, work ethic and passion may be given the opportunity to play with the next higher level team.   Also, teams may be hybrid, meaning that players on a team may not all necessarily be of the same birth year.  Our Player Development staff will roster players to teams not only by birth year, but also by ability level with consideration given to whether a "play-up" situation is beneficial to the player's development.

Players who enroll in the Primary Academy are automatically eligible to be rostered to a development team.  Occasionally, we conduct open training sessions for new and returning players. For new players, the open training sessions are a great way to learn more about the Primary Academy. There are no cuts for the Primary Academy, but each team has a  roster maximum.


Advanced Academy teams are for competitive players looking to push their development and grow in the sport.  Teams are formed through tryouts which are held in April/May each year, although tryouts for some ages may occur as early as February. 


Valencia Discovery Program teams comprise players with the highest level of abilities, talent and potential.  



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