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Amadou Sanyang

Masterclass Coach

Amadou is a veteran Masterclass coach and is also an instructor in the Primary Academy, head coach of the 2008 Talons and 2009 Skyhawks development teams, and Assistant Coach for the Advanced Academy 2003/4 Boys' team.

Cam Vickers

Masterclass Coach

Cam is a longtime Eagleclaw coach and current professional player, last playing with Reno 1868 FC in the USL league.  He is also an instructor in the Primary Academy and coach for the 2006 Black Eagles development team.

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Player fee - $600

Early Registration Discount

Register by December 1 and Save $50

Masterclass is the advanced development pathway for talented Eagleclaw Academy players who have demonstrated significant progress in their technical abilities, tactical awareness, and passion for higher levels of learning and training.  ”Invention and Invincibility” is at the heart of Masterclass training.  Invention is all about masterful control of the ball that leads to ingenuity, creativity and flair.  To us, Invincibility is the result of inventive players joining together as a unit that keeps the ball, passes intelligently, moves with purpose off the ball and thereby imposes its will on opposing teams.  It also means mental invincibility; a player’s sense of confidence in his or her own abilities.  The invincible player is not afraid to be inventive, to solve soccer problems by trying new things and is able to take failure in stride, shrug it off, maintain composure and try again.

The objective of Masterclass is to build on a player’s demonstrated base of technical abilities and further develop their speed of play, speed of thought, individual and collective possession of the ball, and understanding of fluid attacking and supporting movement.  Masterclass training involves more sophisticated and targeted small-sided training, particularly through variations and progressions of rondo-style training and directional positional games.  This is fast-paced training that requires players to have a solid foundation of technical skill and sense of proper technique.  This is why only players  with relatively advanced levels of technical skill and technique are invited to participate in Masterclass.  

Masterclass training is highly competitive, yet extremely fun. Training with other technically skilled players is a truly joyful and satisfying experience.  Players push each other, teach each other and learn from each other. The training is intense, but the rewards are great.

Participation in Masterclass is by invitation only.  There are no tryouts.  Invitations are made based  on a player’s performance in training, league games and current level of technical skill.  In this way, players are assured that invitations to Masterclass are based on the full extent of their training and playing record and not just their performance on a single day.  Invitations are made based on recommendations of Eagleclaw’s Executive Director, Director of Coaching and Technical Director.  Invitations will generally be made to boys and girls at the U10 to U13 level, but exceptions for younger precocious players may be made in the Staff’s discretion.  Generally, only players enrolled in Eagleclaw’s Primary Academy program will be invited.  In rare circumstances players may be invited from other Eagleclaw programs or even outside of Eagleclaw.

Masterclass is NOT a substitute for the Primary Academy program.  Instead, it will add one additional weekly training day for these advanced players and they will be expected to continue with their regular Primary Academy training.

Players participating in Masterclass wear a new all-black training kit designed exclusively for Masterclass players and signifying their commitment to development and reaching higher levels of skill.


Selecting players to receive invitations to Masterclass is a careful and deliberate process.  We use the TIPS method to analyze the strengths  of potential Masterclass players.   TIPS stands for technique, insight, personality and speed.

Personality and speed tend to be more innate qualities.  Technique and Insight can be further developed, which is at the core of Eagleclaw Football Academy’s philosophy.  Personality and Speed can also be developed in training, to a great degree the development of these abilities and traits is up to the individual player.

TECHNIQUE is the ability to control the ball.  We look for the full range of control using all surfaces of the foot.  Can the player control the ball at speed?  Can the player quickly change direction, and exhibit deception and flair.

INSIGHT is about awareness, vision and game intelligence.  We look for players who can read the game, understand positioning when their team is in possession of the ball and out of possession.  Can the player recognize mismatches?  Do they understand the geometry of the game?  Do they exhibit the potential to develop on-field chemistry and rapport with other players?  And perhaps most important, can the player think ahead and anticipate the play?

PERSONALITY is about the player himself or herself.  We look for players with deep joy and passion for the game, but also a competitive spirit and discipline.  Can the player assume a leadership role and communicate effectively with team mates?  Composure is a really important trait we value in players, as well as a sense of respect for coaches, referees and their fellow players.

SPEED is about movement and thought.  Players must possess both physical speed (running speed) as well as mental speed (speed of thought process). Possessing both physical and mental speed will allow the player to anticipate play and execute more quickly.  Can the player out-pace and out-think the opponent?

While each of the four criteria are extremely important, for purposes of Masterclass we place more weight on a player’s current level of technical skill and overall ball control technique.

We have high expectations of Masterclass players.  We expect players to bring a solid work ethic to every training session.  Young Masterclass players are not adult professionals, but we expect players to adopt a more "professional" attitude toward training.  
  • You were selected because we think you want to play at a much higher level.  Prove us right.
  • Talent is not a gift.  Its a process.  You were selected because we think you understand that.
  • Study the game on your own time.  It will make you better.
  • Ask questions.  This is an educational environment and we are developing students of the game
  • Do not miss training and arrive on time.  Act like the professional you want to become.
  • Keep your training gear clean.  
  • Be respectful to your coaches, your teammates and everyone you meet
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Play clean and fair.  Intentional fouling will not be permitted.
  • Don't use profanity.  There's no reason you should run out of decent words to express yourself.  
  • Be selfless.  Ask yourself, "How can I make my teammates better?"
  • Do not allow setbacks to hold you back.  Setbacks are opportunities to grow.
  • Strive to be a leader.  We are not only developing players, we are developing on-field leaders
  • Recognize that your example sets the tone for the session and the other players.  Be a good example
  • Be empathetic.  Putting down another player does not lift you up.    
  • Everyone makes mistakes.  You will too.  Don't ridicule your fellow players.
  • Be helpful.  It's everyone's responsibility to help stow the equipment after training.  Everyone notices the player who leaves training without helping.  Don't be that player.
  • Learn Spanish (this one is optional but highly encouraged!)

An important aspect of Masterclass is that continued participation must be earned.  Invitations are made in the Fall and in the Spring. Past participation is no guarantee of another invitation.

  • Wednesdays begins Jan 9, 2019 and ends May 8, 2019  (no training April 17 and 24)
  • 4:30pm - 6:30pm rain or shine
  • Field #10 Starfire Sports
  • Cost:  $600
  • Players invited to Masterclass must accept their invitation by registering for the Spring 2019 Masterclass program

  • Returning Masterclass players must wear Masterclass kits.

  • New Masterclass players are not required to purchase a kit, but must wear the red/black training kit

  • Invitations to Masterclass are valid only for the current session.  Subsequent Masterclass sessions will again be by invitation only.

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