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Eagleclaw Football Club is in partnership with Spanish soccer giants Valencia CF, and its all about player development, talent identification and coaching education. Eagleclaw trains and develops its youth players using a Spanish-inspired curriculum.  Through the partnership with Valencia, Eagleclaw has access to Valencia’s training curriculum and its player development methodology and works with coaches in Valencia’s youth academy and Methodology Department. Experienced coaches from the Valencia CF youth academy interact regularly with Eagleclaw coaches and travel to Seattle regularly in support of various player development initiatives benefitting Eagleclaw players as well as other youth players in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.  


A Partnership since 2016

Valencia CF Academy - seattle

providing recognition and Education to players with a direct pathway to the Valencia CF Academy in Spain.


The Valencia CF Summer Academy is a week-long program offered each summer that allows players to immerse themselves in the philosophy and training methodology taught at the Valencia CF youth academy.  High level coaches from the Valencia CF youth academy travel to Seattle each summer to lead the program. The Valencia CF Summer Academy provides a week of high-quality training that is deeply instructional yet immensely fun. The program is club-neutral, meaning it is open to all players regardless of club or affiliation. Click here for more information.  


Valencia CF is a leader in its commitment to the women’s game. It boasts a top-level women’s professional team and a specific youth academy program for talented girls. This aspect of Valencia CF’s program is critically important to Eagleclaw as we are committed not only to developing talented female players, but also to providing pathways for further development and potentially professional soccer, including Valencia CF.

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