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Eagleclaw Football Club has a very different approach to tryouts. Our mission is long-term player development and that starts with giving our youngest players (ages 6-13) the opportunity to try us out.  We REJECT the traditional tryout model where players either make a team or are cut at these young ages.  So we are inviting you to come try us out!  When you register for our tryouts, your player will

have the opportunity to experience a real Eagleclaw training in our true environment.  This way young players can decide whether Eagleclaw is their new club and home.

There is a real difference between talent developers and talent selectors, we are talent developers.  Talent developers work with the player in front of them and



We are Talent Developers devoting 

our time and attention to the development of 

each player.

do the hard work of educating and training them.  They craft competitive teams by devoting time and attention to the development of each player. 


Talent selectors of the youngest players take short cuts, forming teams by selecting the biggest, fastest players and cutting the rest.   They are not true educators.  This is the approach you will see being taken by the large "big box" youth soccer clubs in our area.  They simply do not have the patience, skill or motivation for long-term development of young players.


By the time players are 13-18, we feel it is appropriate for us to be more selective.  At these ages, we look for players who are committed to the sport and demonstrate game intelligence, awareness of space on the field and a good level of technique for passing, receiving and moving without the ball.  


Eagleclaw is also the exclusive affiliate youth club of the Official Valencia CF Academy - Seattle.  During the course of a player's growth in Eagleclaw, they will have opportunities to compete to join the VCF Academy.  Selection to VCF Academy teams is reserved for the most ambitious and skilled players.  Teams can be formed at 2005-2010 birth years.  Coaches and scouts from Valencia CF travel from Spain to Seattle to attend tryouts and select players for  VCF Academy teams.  


We will begin selecting players on the first day of tryouts.  It is important that players attend the earliest tryout date possible as we will be filling roster spots starting on day one.  

*If there is more than one tryout date for your age group, you should plan to attend each day.  

You only need to register once to be able to come out on each day - you do not need to register for each day. 

Player selections will continue on each day of an age group's tryouts until team formation is complete.  

Selected players will receive an invitation via email.  To accept the invitation, players must immediately register with the club following the instructions in the email.

If you are selected, we expect you to continue attending tryouts as it represents the beginning of your training with Eagleclaw FC.

If a player does not register within 24 hours of receiving their invitation, we cannot hold their roster spot and it will be offered to the next ranked player.

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