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Our top priority is providing our players the best football education possible in the best environment possible.  Similar to how a top-notch school monitors its student/teacher ratio, focuses on a high quality educational curriculum and necessarily has limited enrollment. Eagleclaw FC also monitors its player/coach ratio, has a high-quality, high-performance learning

environment based on our Positional Play philosophy powered by and supported by Valencia CF, a top-flight Spanish professional club.  And we also have a limited enrollment to support our focus on providing a top notch player education.


At our tryouts, we hope to find players who are passionate about the game, have a strong desire to learn from our

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We are Talent Developers devoting 

our time and attention to the development of 

each player.

coaches and have the potential to develop.  However, like any high quality school, we cannot offer enrollment to every player.


If you receive an invitation to join one of our club’s teams, you should accept it and register quickly for our 2023/24 Season.  Be proud, but also humble knowing that growing and developing as a player is a multi-year process, requires hard work and commitment from you and the faithful support of your family.


If a player does not immediately accept their invitation, we must offer it to the next ranked player.  


Our top players are those who began playing with Eagleclaw FC early and have stayed here with us year after year.  These players have a deep understanding that their development as a player is neither instant nor linear.  For returning players, tryouts are another opportunity to showcase your growth and learning.  For new players, tryouts are the first step in your journey toward becoming a highly skilled and intelligent Eagleclaw FC player.


For all players, new and returning, you begin or continue your football journey by clicking below to register for the 2023/24 Season Tryouts.  See you in May for our top level training and tryout selection process!





Join our Juniors Program and begin your child's soccer journey at Washingtons top club for player education. This is a great opportunity for you to give us a try.  Further details available once registered for your sessions. 


Monday, April 29

Boys & Girls



Location: Valley Ridge Playfield

Field: 1 

Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm


Wednesday, May 1

Boys & Girls



Location: Starfire Sports Complex

Field: 10

Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

2008-2015 Tryouts



Missed Tryouts?

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