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This is our second year with Eagleclaw and it has changed my daughter's soccer experience for the better. The previous years at RCL clubs, she was ready to quit and give it up at the end of each season. The cut throat, just another number, philosophy was truly demoralizing. Now with Eagleclaw, she feels like an important part of the team. She has blossomed as a young lady and her soccer has become so much more technical. The Director knows every kid's name and style of play in the entire club! You don’t get that kind of individual attention at the big RCL clubs! The Spain connection that Eagleclaw offers gives each player a view of soccer from a World perspective. And Playing soccer in Spain gives the kids a truly amazing experience that they will never forget. Thank you Eagleclaw!!!

Katy R.

There is nothing else like it in Washington - EVERY player develops substantially over the course of the season and the long term focus on player development and technical skill accrual is amazing. Our daughter loves it and has come alive as a player. She is confident and composed on the ball, free to learn and be creative on the field, and supported positively by the whole club - she can't get enough of this program.

Paula D.

I'm telling you...this Club is where it's at! I took my daughter to Spain with Eagleclaw. She played as an "immersion" player a.k.a guest player for C.D. Montesion, a local Valencian club. She and two of her Eagleclaw team mates showed up the first day of the tournament to meet their new team, never having even practiced with this team or even speaking the same language. They made their way onto the pitch and into the hearts of the players and parents of that team. Our Eagleclaw girls contributed with two assists and two goals,  helping C.D Montesion move on to the championship game against the Valencia C.F. academy team.   C.D. Montesion took 2nd place in the championship game. Did I mention that our 13 year olds were playing against girls who were 14, 15, and 16? My daughter who is a goalkeeper played center back and started and played in the entire game...every game. She dominated the field. I'm not here to brag. I'm here to tell you we believe in this club. We believe in their methods and what they stand for. How many 13 year old goalkeepers at the other clubs do you know can start, play an unfamiliar position, for a unfamiliar team, and in a completely different country with no knowledge of the language? It's because of the coaching, the training, the encouragement, and the support she gets at Eagleclaw. That is the #EagleclawFC way. How WE are #developingthefuture. If this feels like something you want to be part of... if you want your player to be the best player she can be... come and check out our club. Call Eagleclaw. I guarantee it will be worth it!

Annie F.

My son is thriving under excellent coaching. He is allowed to be super competitive, while staying positive and respectful. His sportsmanship has improved 100% in six months, and his skills are through the roof. We are happy to start our second year. It's worth the ridiculous drive.

Skye H.

This club really feels like a match made in heaven for this kid. They played beautiful possession soccer and was one of the best youth games I’ve watched. This is what the game is about, especially for the kids. My son was beaming again afterwards!

Brandon T.

Eagleclaw has been key in both of my sons' development. The coaching is excellent and has improved not only their skills, but their character as well. My boys have thrived in the teaching philosophy of focusing on skill development early and then moving to team situations as they get older.

Chris B.

Amazing coaching, work ethic, organization. Our daughter has trained here for two years. Really impressive.

Kathryn S.

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