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WYS/RCL Midseason Transfer Program

Is your player currently with a club that belongs to Washington Youth Soccer (WYS)?  Are you unhappy or dissatisfied with the quality of the football education your player is receiving?  We can help you change all of that, maybe even for FREE!


In Washington state, there are two football worlds.  One is open and one is closed.  WYS operates a closed system and a closed league, the Regional Club League (RCL).   WYS/RCL clubs are given territorial monopolies and are motivated more by protecting their turf (and money) than by real player development.  Only certain clubs are allowed to compete in the RCL.  More than fifty percent of youth football players and clubs in Washington state are excluded from the WYS/RCL world.  Eagleclaw, on the other hand, operates in a much more open and innovative world where players from anywhere in the Greater Seattle area choose us because of the quality of our player education and training environment.  


If you are reading this, you probably already know the WYS/RCL world is not serving your player well.  There are many reasons why these "big box" WYS/RCL clubs, as we call them, provide low education environments and underserve youth players.  We've written about some of those reasons (click here).  We'll be writing more.  But enough about that.  You're probably ready for a change.  If you don't know that you need a change, trust us - you do!


Nearly every week, Eagleclaw Football Club is contacted by players from WYS/RCL clubs looking for so much more from their youth football experience.  The WYS/RCL world is sucking out all of their passion and joy for the game.  They are looking for a better football education, a more open environment and a club that can really move the needle in terms of their long-term development as a player. 


That is why we have created the WYS/RCL Midseason Transfer Program.  The goal of the program is to help passionate players make an immediate and positive change in the trajectory of their football education and development.  The program is open to boys and girls.  If your player is invited to participate in this program, you can join an Eagleclaw team right now and your annual player fee for the remainder of the season could be zero! Free!  In that case, all you would need to do is buy uniforms and pay your share of any upcoming tournament fees. 


This program is limited, though.  Generally, we invite players to participate based on our current needs or openings on our club's teams, as well as our overall assessment of the player's abilities, motivations and passion.  Players can be invited to join our Primary Academy, Advanced Academy or our Valencia Discovery Program (VDP).  For opportunities on VDP  teams, our assessment of players is naturally a bit more in-depth and stringent.


Here's how the program works, by the numbers:  

  1. Contact Us!  We want to know about your situation your goals and your needs.

  2. Train With Us!  We want you to come out, train with us and experience the quality of our training and the training environment.  Its a two-way street.  You've got to like what you see, and we've got to like what we see.  Pretty simple stuff.

  3.  Accept Your Invitation!  If we like what we see, we may invite you to join an Eagleclaw team.  To accept the invitation, all you need to do is let us know you are ready to transfer and provide confirmation that all of your player fees at your current club are paid in full.  We will give you a dollar-for-dollar credit for the amount of the registration fee you've paid so far to your old club for the current season, up to a maximum credit equal to the amount of Eagleclaw's annual registration fee. That's it! 

For example, let's say your old club charged a player fee of $2,600 and you paid it in full.  Now you want to switch to Eagleclaw and our player fee is $2,600.  In this case, your transfer to Eagleclaw is FREE.

Or let's say you paid 50% of your old club's player fee, Eagleclaw will give you a credit of $1,200 and your obligation to Eagleclaw would be to pay $1,200 toward your player's annual fee.

Really simple math!

This program is extremely popular and spots are extremely limited.  For that reason, we recommend you contact us right away.  

So what are you waiting for??  We can give you a better football education and a better football experience.  For free!  It's your move!  The only thing we can't give you is all the lost development time you've spent at that WYS/RCL club.   Stop wasting any more precious development time and contact us today!  Email us at



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