BOYS & GIRLS 2003 - 2006

The Advanced Academy is the home of Eagleclaw Football Club's senior competitive teams and is for players between the age of 13-18.  This is where the hard work of the Primary Academy years pays off. Players in the Advanced Academy are selected through tryouts held in Jan-Feb for boys and April-May for girls.  


Each Advanced Academy team has a dedicated coaching staff and trains according to Eagleclaw's Spanish-inspired game model and system of play with training support provided by coaches from the Valencia CF youth academy. These teams compete in the most competitive leagues available.  The goal of the Advanced Academy is to continue individual player development, but  within the team context.  These are the ages where team development makes much more sense if the goal is to develop players who will have opportunities to play at higher levels.




Tryouts are held in Jan/Feb for boys and in April/May for girls.  Supplemental tryouts may be offered at other times of the year.

Annual Player Fee – 2021/22 Season - $2,450




We will form no more than two teams for each birth year/gender.  

Some Advanced Academy and Primary Academy teams become part of the Valencia Discovery Program and are referred to as VDP Teams.




Teams train 2 times a week on either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur.

Eagleclaw teams will compete in the Washington Premier League's Development League. 

Eagleclaw FC trains at Starfire Sports in Tukwila and at Valley Ridge Park located in SeaTac.




Uniforms and tournament fees are not included in the Annual Player Fee.  Once your player is registered and we have rostered them to a team, you may purchase their uniforms through


Player Development

Curriculum & Training Methodology​


Eagleclaw is a "Positional Play" club.  Positional Play is a possession-based style that requires players that are technically skilled, intelligent and spatially aware.  That is the kind of player we develop. You can learn more about Positional Play here and at our blog.  Our training features a substantial amount of rondo-based exercises and positional small-sided games used in Spanish professional academies.  Technical skill is developed through rondos and positional games where passing and receiving technique is developed in game-realistic contexts.  Context is central to our curriculum and training methodology.  By training all players according to the same plan, each player is given equal exposure to fundamentals and equal opportunity to master them. This system also makes it easier for Eagleclaw staff to easily identify players of exceptional abilities who may be able to make the transition from the Primary Academy to Advanced Academy, to our Valencia Discovery Program and then perhaps the youth academies of our professional club partner Valencia CF.