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With James Riley

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FEB 6 - APR 10

Eagleclaw FC and Eagleclaw coach James Riley bring you the Advanced Athlete Performance (AAP) program.  This is the only training program in Seattle focused on the high-performing athlete (age 13-17) who is ready to take EVERYTHING about their game to the next level.  Are you on the "Path to Pro", focused on playing college soccer or both?  Now its your move!   This is your chance to train with and learn from an experienced ex-professional and former Wake Forest University player who succeeded at the highest levels of the game in the U.S. with a lengthy pro career featuring 11 seasons in Major League Soccer (MLS).  James will teach you the skills and habits used by the pros to train, maintain and reach new levels of abilities as an up-and-coming elite footballer.  


The Advanced Athlete Performance is a holistic program focused on helping our Advanced Academy players in three core areas of their development as high performance athletes:

  1. Technical skills training

  2. Soccer-specific mental skills training

  3. Development of nutritional habits for the high-performance athlete


This 10-week program is limited to only 20 ambitious players. 


ELIGIBLE PLAYERS:  Players age 13-17 who:

  • are part of an Eagleclaw Advanced Academy Team

  • are part of an Eagleclaw Primary Academy Team and have prior permission from Eagleclaw's Executive Director (Click to email and request approval)

  • are not part of Eagleclaw Football Club and have prior permission from Eagleclaw's Executive Director (Click to email and request approval )

Advanced Athlete Performance is led by Eagleclaw coach and JR7 founder, James Riley.  James played collegiately at Wake Forest and then spent 11 years in  MLS with New England Revolution, San Jose Earthquakes, Chivas USA, Colorado Rapids, DC United and LA Galaxy.   He won the MLS Cup in 2014 with LA Galaxy.  At Eagleclaw, James works with our M07 Nighthawks Development Team.

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A Conversation With Micheal Azira

A Conversation With Micheal Azira


Advanced Academy players need to keep working on mastering their control of the ball.  Unlike in our Primary Academy, individualized skills training is not part of your weekly club training program.  But you need it.  You know you do.  And it is tough to find free time outside of club training to put in the work.  That's where AAP can really help you.  During each 2-hour session, James will work with each player to diagnose your technique, zero-in on areas that need improvement and then get you working to reach a new level of sharpness and efficiency to your ball control

There is an important difference between technique and technical skill.  Technique is your ability to control the ball in different ways and with different surface of your foot.  Technical skill is the ability to use your technique in a game setting, under pressure and decide whether, when and how to use it.  The point of technical skill is to create time and space for you to dribble, pass or finish into the goal, but getting right is all about good decision making. 

Through a combination of individual technique training, rondo-based exercises and small-sided games, James will help you take your technique and technical skill to the next level.


The modern soccer player is intelligent.  What goes on "between the ears" will  determine your success on the field and in your soccer career as a whole.  How you perform on the field depends on your focus, motivation, attitude and confidence.  There is a lot here to consider.  The modern soccer player makes quick, smart decisions.  They are spatially aware and scan the field quickly to choose the best next action.  The player who makes smarter decisions quicker than their opponent will succeed.  The player who learns quickly from mistakes rather than linger on them, will succeed. The player who develops a mindset of "grit instead of quit" will succeed.

What we are talking about here is developing mental toughness.  But what is mental toughness?  You are on your way to mental toughness when you are able to resist, manage and overcome doubts, worries, concerns and circumstances.  Some of these are in your control, so you have the power to make positive changes.  We will teach you how.  Some of these are outside of your control  so you will need to deal with them, confront them or go around them.  We will teach you how.   To make it all come together, though, you need desire and passion.  The desire to be the best you can be.  The desire to learn.  The desire to achieve. The desire to beat your opponent.  The desire to triumph.  Bring that with you, and we will show you how to focus it, sharpen it and use it to achieve and succeed.


Cristiano Ronaldo is 33 years old.  Juventus paid Real Madrid $130 million dollars to sign him.  Why?  That's not the market price for a 33 year old soccer player.  Most players his age are on the decline.  But not Cristiano.  At 33 years of age his body performs better than the bodies of many players who are ten years younger than him.  The key to his success is not only his commitment to training and his desire to win (read about it here), its also about how he cares for and feeds his body.  How you train and how you feed your body determines how well you perform, how well your recover and, ultimately, how long you can keep playing the sport.   


There is a deep connection between what you eat and how you eat and your ability to perform as an athlete.   The truth is that most soccer players make poor food choices every day - too much sugar, too much fat, too much protein.  As a result, they tire more quickly, their performance drops and their ability to "go the full 90" disappears.  The secret is glycogen, and its the primary source of fuel your body needs during training and games.  Not enough glycogen in your muscles and performance drops. We will teach you simple ways to adjust your personal nutritional habits to maximize glycogen levels so that your body has more fuel to power your training sessions and games.  We will teach how to look at simple whole foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.  You will learn the biological science behind when you should feed your body to maximize recovery and energy reserves.  We will also teach you about the benefits and downsides of performance drinks and supplements and which are best for young soccer players and which are not.


Wednesdays, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

February 6 - April 10, 2019

Starfire Sports

Field 9

PROGRAM FEE:  $450 per player


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