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Executive Director

Technical Director

Joe Campos


Joe is the founder of Eagleclaw Football Club and The Eagleclaw Foundation and has trained and coached Eagleclaw players since 2009.  He is from Madrid, Spain, where he learned the game, and played in Spain and Turkey.   Based on the foundation of those experiences, which involved a fast-paced and highly technical style of play, Joe focuses his coaching efforts on developing players for a modern, possession-based system that requires highly technical and highly intelligent players. This means helping young players develop technical skill and positional intelligence, which requires teaching them how to see, manage and exploit superiorities and open spaces on the field.


As Executive Director, Joe manages and oversees all aspects of club administration, relationships with key partners including Valencia CF, marketing and public relations.  A critical component of Joe's duties is establishing and executing the club's objectives for ensuring Eagleclaw is always the club-of-choice for long-term youth player development. 


As Technical Director, Joe mandates and implements the club's philosophy, training methodology and playing style across the entire club, no matter the age group. This involves managing and overseeing all player and coaching development within the club, and ensuring all coaches are following the club's published Curriculum and Training Methodology.  Joe authors, implements and oversees Eagleclaw's overall Curriculum and Training Methodology for the Primary and Advanced Academy programs, and authors the curriculum for Masterclass  as well as many other Eagleclaw programs. 


Joe is also Head Coach of the M06 Valencia Discovery Program team, so you can always find him on the training ground or the sidelines.   

In addition, Joe is a practicing lawyer and a registered US Soccer Intermediary (Player's Agent).  He works closely with several agencies, and in particular RM Football Agency.  

He also serves as editor and contributor for Eagleclaw's online magazine, Developing The Future.

Joe is also a former U.S. Marine Corps officer.

If you have any questions at all about Eagleclaw Football Club, you can contact Joe via email.

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