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BOYS & GIRLS 2010-2017

The Primary Academy is at the very core of what makes Eagleclaw Football Club so special and effective.  It's our 

foundation and the starting point of Eagleclaw's player development pathway.  This is where it all happens.  This is where youth soccer players learn technique, masterful control of the ball, a Spanish-inspired possession-based style of play and, most importantly, speed of thought. In short, the Primary Academy is a learning center for players who want to be grow in the game the right way.

Our training program provides a uniquely structured, comprehensive and Spanish-inspired curriculum and training methodology designed to develop each player in  modern possession-based style.  Without a doubt, our best players are those who start with us at the youngest age possible and continue training and developing with us over the important years that follow.

BORN 2013-2017


Our youngest players have several options when they join Eagleclaw.  They can choose to train and play with us for the Fall season, the Spring Season or both. 

Full Season*
(May-Apr) - $2600​
*No training in July

BORN 2010-2012


Players train year round, beginning in May through April of the following year. Eagleclaw teams do not train during the month of July.

Full Season*
(May-Apr) - $2600​
*No training in July



Teams train 2 times a week on either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur.

Eagleclaw teams will compete in the Washington Premier League's Development League. 

Eagleclaw FC trains at Starfire Sports in Tukwila and at Valley Ridge Park located in SeaTac.



The cost of uniforms is not included in the Primary Academy Fee.  Once your player is registered and we have rostered them to a team, you may purchase their uniforms through   For Juniors and Seniors, the estimated cost is $300.








Primary Academy training for Juniors and Seniors is focused primarily on a Spanish playing style known as Positional Play.  The training features a substantial amount of rondo-based exercises and positional small-sided games used in Spanish professional academies.  A high level of technical and tactical skill is developed through rondos and positional games where passing and receiving technique is developed in game-realistic contexts.  Context is central to our curriculum and training methodology.  By training all players according to the same plan, each player is given equal exposure to fundamentals and equal opportunity to master them. 


We are not concerned with winning league games or tournaments, but rather observing how each player implements and exhibits the training received during the week.  We are committed to a positive training environment where development of individual skills is the primary objective, and winning games is merely a byproduct of the players’ development.  We are determined that every player who joins the Eagleclaw Academy will leave as not only a better soccer player, but also a better person. 


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