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The Primary Academy is at the very core of what makes Eagleclaw Football Club so special and effective. Its our foundation and the starting point of Eagleclaw's player development pathway .  This is where it all happens.  This is where youth soccer players learn technique, masterful control of the ball, a Spanish-inspired possession- based style of play and, most importantly, speed of thought.  In short, the Primary Academy is a learning center for players who want to be grow in the game the right way.

Unlike other programs that offer a 6 or 8 week "academy" clinic, Eagleclaw's Academy is designed for long-term development over the critical years of childrens' growth as players.  The Primary Academy  is designed for players between the age of 5 and 13.  Our training program provides a uniquely structured, comprehensive and published Spanish-inspired curriculum and training methodology designed to develop each player in  modern possession-based style.  Without a doubt, our best players are those who start with us at the youngest age possible and continue training and developing with us over the important years that follow.

Staying true to the ideal that  we should train “as many as we can, for as long as we can , and in the best environment possible,” the Primary Academy has no tryouts or cuts. We make no judgments about how well a player will develop or how far they will go.

The objective of the Primary Academy is to develop intelligent, skillful and creative players who are comfortable possessing the ball and expressing themselves on the field.   Each player is trained in the same way, according to a unified published curriculum ensuring each player is given tactical and technical training of the highest quality.  Our aim is to prepare players for the competitive tryouts they will face when they turn 13 and seek to join teams in Eagleclaw's Advanced Academy. 

The Primary Academy is a deeply instructional training environment modeled in important ways on the youth academy at Valencia CF in Spain.  In our education-first training environment, we understand individual development is not a straight line and progress varies from player to player and week to week and month to month.  We are extremely patient with players, working with them  through the peaks and valleys of their personal development.  All we ask is that players come to training ready to learn, ready to work hard and that they try to practice at home on their own or with friends.  We encourage parents to contact us to determine whether our Primary Academy is right for their play


The Primary Academy is for players age 5 through 13.  Enrollment is limited to 150 so that proper player-to-coach ratios and the quality of instruction are maintained.  Players may freely enroll into the Primary Academy until enrollment is full, even prior to Primary Academy tryouts.

Enrollment is according birth year team.  For players age 7 and older, Eagleclaw carries two (2) teams per birth year.  (See the Teams page)  The first team is named and the second team is the "B" team.

Tryouts and Registration

There are two types of registration:  Tryout Registration and Program Registration.  Tryout registration and tryouts are free and allow players to be evaluated by our coaches for placement onto an Eagleclaw team.  All players must register for tryouts.  Program Registration occurs when a player registers for the Primary Academy.  Players are allowed to register for the Primary Academy as soon as registration opens.  Since enrollment is capped at 150 players, this is the best way of ensuring a spot in the club.  A Pre-Tryout Registration Discount is offered to players who register for the Primary Academy prior to the start of tryouts.  If a player is not registered for the Primary Academy but attends tryouts and is offered a spot in the club, at that point they must register for the Primary Academy.



Players enrolled in the Primary Academy are eligible to play on our Primary Academy Teams.  For the 2020/21 season, players born 2007-2009 are eligible for our Valencia Discovery Program teams. Eagleclaw teams compete in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL).  In the Primary Academy, however, developing individual players takes priority over developing teams. This is really important for parents to understand.  It means our primary focus is always on the individual player and not winning games or  tournaments.  Even so, our Development Teams do quite well!

Generally, we carry two teams per birth year.   Team placement is based on the training staff's judgment of a player's abilities, technical skill, work ethic, passion for the game and commitment to the Club.  Players can move fluidly between the two teams, depending upon the coach's judgment of the player's developmental progress and the merits of providing additional challenges.


Some Primary Academy teams will be designated Valencia Discovery Program Teams (VDP Teams).  VDP Teams are formed in May of each year.  Coaches from Valencia CF travel from Spain to Seattle to conduct tryouts.  Players enrolled in the Primary Academy, as well as players from outside the club are eligible to participate and potential earn a spot on a VDP Team.  It is highly recommended that players register for the Primary Academy as early as possible, before VDP tryouts,  to ensure they will have a spot in the club.  This way, if a player is not selected to a VDP team they will still have a spot in the Primary Academy and play with a Development Team.   Click here to read more about VDP.


Primary Academy training  is focused primarily on a Spanish training style that is greatly influenced by the Dutch philosophy of "Total Football".  The training features a substantial amount of rondo-based exercises and positional small-sided games like those used in Spanish professional academies.  Technical skill is developed through rondos and positional games where passing and receiving technique is developed in game-realistic contexts.  And context is central to our published curriculum and training methodology.  By training all players according to the same plan, each player is given equal exposure to fundamentals and equal opportunity to master them. This system also makes it easier for Eagleclaw staff to easily identify players of exceptional abilities who may be able to make the transition from the Primry Academy to Advanced Academy, to our Valencia Discovery Program and then perhaps the youth academies of our professional club partner Valencia CF.


We are not concerned with winning league games or tournaments, but rather observing how each player implements and exhibits the training received during the week.  We are committed to a positive training environment where development of individual skills is the primary objective, and winning games is merely a byproduct of the players’ development.  We are determined that every player who joins the Eagleclaw Academy will leave as not only a better soccer player, but also a better person. 


Teams will train either on Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur.


Eagleclaw Football Academy trains at Starfire Sports in Tukwila and Valley Ridge Park in SeaTac.



ACADEMY TUITION – 2020/21 Season

Player fees for the Primary Academy depend on on the player's birth year. Older players register for the entire 2018/19 season and pay an annual fee.  Younger players have the option of registering the entire season or just for the Fall or Spring season.


Players born 2007-2013

  • Annual Registration:  $2,450

Payment plans are available.

The Primary Academy provides 3.5 hours of training per week.


Subject to space, players may join Eagleclaw at any time during the season.

Once your player is registered and we have rostered them to a team, you may purchase their uniforms through



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