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Tactical Skills Development Program

Tactical or Technical?

Technical skill means how well a player can control the ball and make it do what he or she wants.  It also refers to a player’s ability to control the ball so they can dribble through or past defenders or create space for themselves to pass the ball or take a shot on goal.   It's all about masterful control.

Tactical skill generally refers to a player’s field awareness, their ability to move intelligently with and without the ball to create scoring opportunities and usually requires working in conjunction with teammates to coordinate attacks or defense.  A tactically skilled player knows how to spot gaps, time their runs off the ball, see runs being made by teammates and understands combination play with passing and movement.

At Eagleclaw Football Club, we use a tactical curriculum modeled on the "fútbol base"  used by the youth academies of Spanish professional clubs, particularly Valencia CF.  The training is primarily driven by rondos and progressions of rondos that are generally directional small-sided games and help players understand the basic principles of "Positional Play", Eagleclaw's preferred way of playing.  "Positional Play" is a tactical system that aims to attack with combined passing movements using a high number of quick passes, changes of directions and involving many players.  When played correctly, Positional Play generates continuous geometric formations, like triangles and rhombus, which can help a team achieve high levels of possession as well as good positioning for defensive pressing and stability.

Through rondo training, our coaches can assess and address each players' tactical strengths and weaknesses in areas such as passing and receiving technique, supporting movement, counterpress defending and finding the "free player".   High intensity games in small spaces quickly teach players whether, how and when to move and pass by learning the importance of geometric positioning and how to create proper shapes.

The  Tactical Skills Development Program provides one-day of training per week.  Since all Eagleclaw players  train together, the Tactical Skills Development Program is the same tactical instruction provided to students in our full Academy Program.  The Tactical Skills Development offers 1.5 hours of instruction each week, with sessions held each Tuesday afternoon from 4:30p to 6:00pm.   


The Tactical Skills Development Program is intended for players age 5 - 12 who are looking for additional training and want to learn Eagleclaw's Spanish method of training and playing.  The program is ideal for younger players who are not yet ready for Eagleclaw's Primary Academy program.  It is also perfect for older players who may or may not be with another club or program and want to learn Positional Play tactics or simply want to add an additional training day to the their training schedule.

For the 2018/19 Season, this program is not open for general registration but may be available to a limited number of players on a case by case basis.  If you are interested in this program, please contact us at

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