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Listen! Eagleclaw, Valencia & The Path to Spain

Eagleclaw founder Joe Campos, Valencia Discovery Program (VDP) Technical Manager Toni Navarro and Director of Valencia CF's youth academy Luis Martinez were recently interviewed by John Pranjić of 3Four3 and the discussion was wide-ranging and revealing. If you're wondering about the relationship between Eagleclaw and Valencia, then you must listen to this podcast! Toni, Luis and Joe answer questions about Valencia's programs around the world, Valencia's remarkable success developing world -lass professional players and the unique Valencia Discovery Program at the heart of the Eagleclaw-Valencia partnership. The guys also share their views on the differences between Spanish and American youth players, the value of a direct relationship and the importance of patient, long-term development where players train from the youngest ages according to a consistent curriculum and methodology. And yes, Valencia is really carefully and actively monitoring and scouting youth players at Eagleclaw. Think about it! Instead of traveling to expensive showcases and hoping to be seen, one of the top pro clubs in the world is monitoring your development at your club. Click here or below to listen!


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