Puma Partners with Eagleclaw

Eagleclaw Football Club has signed an agreement making Puma its exclusive kit provider beginning with the 2019/20 season. The three-year deal makes Eagleclaw a member of Puma's King Premier family of elite youth clubs.

Although the agreement takes effect later in 2019, select Eagleclaw teams will wear Puma kits in April 2019 when they travel to Valencia to compete in the Valencia CF Soccer Cup tournament.

As part of the agreement, Puma will provide significant support to Eagleclaw's growing partnership with Valencia CF. In particular, Puma will collaborate with Eagleclaw in promoting the Valencia Discovery Program (VDP) which is focused on identifying and developing players with the potential to pursue higher level opportunities with Valencia CF or elsewhere in Spain and Europe.

Puma will also be the exclusive provider of Valencia CF kits in support of the Valencia CF Summer Academy which is organized and hosted every summer by Eagleclaw.

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