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How To Join Eagleclaw FC

We'd love to have your player join our Club!  If your player is between 5 and 13 years old, then our Primary Academy is your destination.  If your player is between 13 and 17 years old, then our Advanced Academy should be your focus.  And if your player is really ambitious, the Valencia Discovery Program is definitely something you should check out.


The Primary Academy - (Players born between 2012-2006)

Joining the Primary Academy is easy.  Just register via our website!  There are no tryouts or cuts.  Why not?  Well, because we believe that at these ages the focus should be on TEACHING players, not weeding them out.  Our focus in the Primary Academy is developing the individual player.  For that reason, we strongly encourage players to join the Primary Academy at the youngest age possible so we have time to make the greatest positive impact on their development.  We only admit 150 players into the Primary Academy each year, so once registration opens you'll want to move quickly.    Once you've registered, you're in!  You can find more detailed information about the Primary Academy here.  

The Advanced Academy - (Players born 2005-2003)

This is the home of Eagleclaw's senior competitive boys and girls teams.  To join the Advanced Academy you'll need to tryout and receive an invitation.  If we have announced tryouts, definitely register and then come out and show us your quality.  If tryouts have ended or are not yet announced, then contact us by email for an individual assessment.  If we like what we see, you'll receive an invitation to join and instructions for how to register.

Valencia Discovery Program - (Players born 2008-2003)

The Valencia Discovery Program (VDP) is a performance-driven pathway for the most ambitious and talented Eagleclaw players.  VDP offers boys and girls teams and is open to Primary Academy players born 2008-2006 and all Advanced Academy players.   


2019/20 Season:  Boys and Girls born 2008-2006

Tryouts - May 6-15 2019

At the Primary Academy level, VDP Teams for boys and girls teams will be formed for players born 2008 - 2006.  VDP tryouts are open to all players.  Players participating in tryouts are not required to first register for Eagleclaw's Primary Academy.  However, it is highly recommended that players register for the Primary Academy prior to tryouts in order to assure themselves a spot on an Eagleclaw Development Team for the 2019/20 season even if they are not selected to a VDP team. The Primary Academy is limited to 150 players.  During the 2019/20 season, Development Team players will have the opportunity to earn promotion to a VDP Team based on performance, recommendations  from Eagleclaw coaches and approval of the Technical Manager for  Valencia Discovery Program. 


Boys and Girls born 2003, 2004, 2005

Tryouts - May 6-15, 2019

At the Advanced Academy level, VDP Teams are open to any player from any club, but the first step is to attend the Advanced Academy rolling tryouts that are overseen by Eagleclaw coaches.  During the tryout process Eagleclaw coaches will evaluate the players, provide initial assessments to the VDP Technical Manager and offer players roster spots on the Advanced Academy Team. 


The next step is to register for the VDP tryouts.  If you missed the rolling tryouts, no problem.  Just register for the VDP tryouts.


In May 2019, the VDP Technical Manager and Scouts from Valencia CF will travel from Spain to Seattle to observe and assess Advanced Academy player and work with Eagleclaw staff to select players for the VDP Teams and make final selections for the Advanced Academy Teams. 

If you are selected to a VDP team, you will receive an invitation with registration instructions.


If you are not selected to a VDP team, you may receive an invitation to join an Advanced Academy team.  Players are strongly encouraged to accept such an invitation.  This will ensure a player has a roster spot while still being considered for a VDP Team roster spot in the future.  VDP tryouts are not the only opportunity to earn a roster spot on a VDP Team.  During the 2019/20 season, players on the Advanced Academy Team will have the opportunity to earn promotion to an Advanced Academy  VDP Team based on recommendations  from Eagleclaw coaches and approval of the Technical Manager for  Valencia Discovery Program.  Importantly, players initially selected to a VDP Team are not guaranteed to retain that roster spot.  VDP is a performance-driven pathway, which means that players must constantly work hard to maintain their position on the roster.  There is some roster fluidity between the Advanced Academy Team and the VDP Team at each birth year.


If you have any questions at all about how to join Eagleclaw, please email us.  We'd love to hear from you.

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